Thursday, 10 June 2010

Public Apology to Arriva buses

An open apology to Arriva buses

Dear Arriva

On Thursday 10th June at 9:30am I, Mr Les Mieserables, boarded the 575 carrying 3 hash browns. Upon boarding the bus the driver informed me that he wasn't supposed to let people on carrying food or drink. However, after i had manipulated him into believing that the hash browns were in fact going to be used as part of a dry stone wall i was building in my front garden i paid my £1.30 and sat down to enjoy the sound of a bag of cats being dipped in lava coming from the Nokia being held by the young man sat at the back of the bus. 

However i then did something i am not proud of and i feel inclined to apologise for. Once the bus was underway and i thought the driver was observing the traffic ahead, I removed one of the hash browns from its bag and began to nibble on the end of it. Tasting the golden, deep fried, grated potato must have done something to my mind for i then, without consideration for the driver or any of the other 6 passengers on the bus, took what can only be considered as a 'bite' from the hash brown.

Needless to say the bus promptly stopped and the driver, obviously being placed in a massive predicament after already breaking your rules of not allowing people on the bus who are carrying food or drink, asked me to vacate the bus. 

I would therefore like to publicly apologise for my behaviour to both the driver and other passengers on the bus and would like to reassure both Arriva and other bus companies that i will never repeat the offence again. However i can't help but feel that the 4 year old who was sat on his dad's knee drinking a carton of apple juice should have also been asked to vacate the bus. And why was the old lady carrying 4 tesco bags filled with frozen ready meals and cranberry juice allowed on? Obviously I fully understand the error of my ways but a bit of consistency wouldn't go amiss.

Love and Hugs

Les Miserables



Anonymous said...

I think, in that situation, I might well have (childishly, of course) dropped the hash brown 'by mistake' just in front of the drivers window on the way out, and trodden on it 'carelessly' in quite a smeary way in my haste to vacate the vehicle promptly so as not to further inconvenience the driver and remaining passengers.

This would satisfy my irresponsible need for revenge, and confirm in the driver's primitive mind that he was correct to take a strict jobsworth's approach to banning food on his bus. A win-win situation - everybody goes home happy!

Hey, don't stop posting! I laughed a lot! Found your blog because I wanted to buy and and was damned annoyed to find they're both taken. Now my mega-millions business plan is wrecked. Such is life! Happy Christmas!

Teeps said...

Hey hey. Ill let you but it off me for a million :D open to 'or nearest offers'.

I havent posted much recently as i havent been miserable enough. Now im redundant im pretty sure ill be finding things to whinge about soon though.