Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Refuse to Work

I am writing to pledge my support to the Bin Men and Women (Bin People?) of Bolton who, for too long, have been expected to work long hours for little pay and are now expected to work even longer hours for the same pay. 

For several years now these hard working individuals have been expected to be at work for 6:45am every morning where, after a brief 45 minute chat and a cup of tea, they climb into a truck and drive to the first street on their rounds. These men and women are then expected to climb down from the truck and physically push a bin with wheels on 20 or so yards to the truck. They must then wait a good 2 seconds whilst the lorry lifts the bin up for them and pours its contents into the rear of the truck before having to the push the bin, with wheels on, the 10 or so yards back to where ever they feel like dumping it.

This cycle continues right up until lunchtime which, incidentally, lasts just 19 hours.

And they are expected to carry out this work for an average wage of just over £18,000 per annum? Disgusting.

So people of Bolton join me in pledging your support to ensure the council cant impose a full working day on these hardworking individuals. Refuse (no pun intended) to have you bins collected or write a letter to your MP demanding that the old ways are brought back. You know... where the Bin People had to lift a big heavy metal bin and pour it into the lorry by hand. 

Love and hugs  

Les Miserables  

Tonge M......errr Ladybridge.

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Happy Lass said...

Your bin gets pushed "20 or so yards to the truck"? My word. Surely that must mean that they earn their £18k and deserve to have this at least doubled!

The bin emptying people who work around here don't push the bins anywhere and refuse to empty them if a) they aren't pushed by the owner the 70 yards to the main road or b) if they are too heavy to be lifted (???). The latter sometimes being true due to the fact that they aren't emptied the week before and contain 2/3 weeks rubbish.

Happy Lass

Eger.... errr Sharples